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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Dr. Govind Vishwanath Dalvi bestowed with the Times Applaud’s trendsetter 2022 award for his selfless contribution to both national security and social work

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Many such initiators in the society have the power to bring change in the life of people around them by their imagination and courage and that too, exploring new frontiers, they have the power to impact the lives of common people with their trailblazing ideas.

In order to recognize the work of those eminent personalities, Times applaud organized an extravagant Trendsetter 2022 award ceremony at Raj Bhavan Mumbai, and the awardees were felicitated by none other than the Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshiyari.

Among the honored list was 68-year-old, Dr Govind Dalvi, a retired administrative officer (civilian Gazetted officer) from Defence services was presented the award for meritorious contribution for serving selflessly in national defence services and later on improving life of people by building positive energy amongst them after his retirement. Dr Dalvi work on the lines of a social reformer and work selflessly for the masses. At this age also the man works happily and tirelessly for 18 hours to improve positive energy amongst the people.

Always leading from the front, Dr Dalvi journey is quite inspirational. He joined the armed forces in 1976 as a clerk the Armoured Corps Records and worked there dedicatedly for 38 years. Later on, he was superannuated as an Administrative officer on 2014. He was Awarded with the Commendation Card for his exemplary loyalty, duty, diligence and perseverance, by General officer Commanding in Chief Southern Command, Pune.

After retirement Mr Govind Dalvi got inclined towards the teachings of Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai, the founder of the innovative philosophy- Jeevan vidya. Govind Dalvi dedicatedly follows the Vipassana Meditation of Bhagwan Budha, Mudra Dhyan, Manashakti Meditation, Pranayam and yoga. He was recently felicitated by Doctorate in philosophy (Honoris Causa) in the specialized area of Administration by Commonwealth Vocational University, kingdom of Tonga, in 2021.

Following on the teachings of Shri Wamanrao Pai, Dr Govind Viswanath Dalvi always motivate others to live happily. He makes others understand his Guru’s philosophy that ‘you are the architect of your destiny.’

Times applaud is a notable digital portal in India always highlights inspiring achievements of many role models and their unique ideas to its readers through their creative stories& write-ups. Their vision is to uplift and motivates the country’s youth by reading and learning from inspirational leaders worldwide, especially those who have risen from rags to rich. Times applaud also demonstrates its commitment to expressing its gratitude to everyone who works tirelessly for society.

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