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Friday, December 2, 2022

Keemti completes its one successful year – Proud Indian Brand to reach Global Markets

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KEEMTI was launched on 1st January 2021 by Amol Bavdankar & Vrinda ,  Amol Bavdankar is a producer, actor, and investor &  Vrinda is an entrepreneur and a beauty influencer.

If you are a bag lover and feel incomplete without it, Keemti is all you need!

it brings the customers a wide variety of sustainable picks in bags. It comes in several kinds, and it is all that an individual will crave with any fashion statement.

You name it, and they have it. If you step into the world of Keemti, all you need is to define your need. May it be jute, canvas, crochet, batik prints, leather, vegan leather, clutches, and more. They are sure to extend to you the best pick.

They ensure no repetition in the lineage of their carry accessories. Releasing the best and exceptional carry around, they bring you a collection you can admire in design, style, and color.   

Making themselves available to the public both online and offline expands their grace. KEEMTI is launched in the UK and is available in the posh areas of Mumbai, including Navi Mumbai, Andheri, and Bandra. It is soon to conquer the hearts around the world with its grace.

 Standing high to their customer expectations, it finds ways to link and reach out to the world. Keemti will be organizing an exquisite fashion shows in India & worldwide.

  Completing one year on 12th January 2022, Keemti is proudly hosting a Keemti Bash in Mumbai. It is famous amongst the elite class, the politicians, bureaucrats, and celebrities are sure to grace the occasion. Extending the needs and love for bags, it has made an irreplaceable place in the hearts of bag lovers!

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