The Education Merit Awards 2024 is an event and assessment program conducted by Times Applaud. It aims to recognize and celebrate excellence in the field of preschool education, School & Classes. This event assesses and acknowledges outstanding preschools, educators, and individuals who have made significant contributions to early childhood education.


This event not only serves as a means of recognizing excellence but also offers valuable insights and information to parents and guardians who are seeking the best preschool, School & Classes options for their children. It contributes to the growth and development of the early education sector by promoting best practices and innovation.


In summary, the Education Merit Awards 2024 is an essential initiative that highlights and rewards excellence in  education, benefiting both educators and parents in their quest for quality early childhood education. 


1. One Full Page Article in Coffee Table Book. 

2. Certificate of Appreciation. 

3. Photos & Videos With Chief Guest use lifetime For Business Branding, Marketing & Promotion. 

4. Winner Name Listing Will Be Mentioned In Digital News Portal in ANI, Business Standard, Mid-Day, Mid-Day Gujarati, Bombay Samachar, The Print, Daily Hunt Plus 50 portals. 

5. Individual Digital Coverage in Times Applaud, Jio News & Daily Hunt. 

6. Pr Charges are applicable.

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Venue : Mumbai 
Date : January, 2024