Welcome to the prestigious Fit India Mission Awards 2024, where we celebrate excellence in nutrition and dietetics! As we strive towards a healthier nation, our dedicated nutritionists and dieticians play a pivotal role in guiding individuals towards optimal well-being. 


These professionals embody expertise in crafting personalized dietary plans, fostering healthy habits, and promoting overall wellness. Their tireless efforts empower communities to embrace nutritious lifestyles, combating lifestyle diseases and promoting longevity. 


We honor these unsung heroes whose dedication inspires us all on our journey to a fitter, stronger India. Let us applaud their remarkable contributions to the nation’s health and fitness.”


1. One Full Page Article in Inspiring Leaders Magazine.

2. Invite for 2 People. 

3. Certificate of Appreciation. 

4. Photos & Videos With Chief Guest use lifetime For Business Branding, Marketing & Promotion. 

5. Winner Name Listing Will Be Mentioned In Digital News Portal in ANI, Business Standard, The Print, Daily Hunt Plus 50 portals. 

6. Individual Digital Coverage in Times Applaud, Jio News & Daily Hunt. 

7. Pr Charges are applicable.

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Venue : Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, Delhi
Date : 20th April, 2024
Timing : 3pm onwards