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Meet the Mumbai woman who started her restaurant Sangeeta’s Kitchen with Rs. 2500 only

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Sangeeta wanted to run her own restaurant, but she didn’t have the required money. She eventually started the restaurant with with just Rs. 2500.

Seeing someone overcome adversity inspires us to do the same and work hard. And, with motivation, humans can accomplish the seemingly impossible. We’ve discovered one such story that will both humble and inspire us!

A woman from Mumbai had a goal to open her own restaurant, and after years of hard labour, she was able to do so. Sangeeta’s Kitchen’s incredible adventure began with barely INR 2500. She desperately wanted to open her own restaurant, but she lacked the necessary funds. She didn’t let a lack of funds deter her from pursuing her aspirations.

Sangeeta and her husband had only INR 2500 in savings. After borrowing money from friends, they were able to open their own little restaurant, Sangeeta’s Kitchen. They even paid off the loans using the proceeds from the restaurant!

Sangeeta’s hands and legs were severely burned in her restaurant, yet she didn’t stop working. People can enjoy a variety of thali at the restaurant.

Sangeeta began her food profession selling rotis before opening the restaurant. Then she started a tiffin service, a small-scale business that is huge in Mumbai. She progressed from a vada pav stall to a modest restaurant after saving money through her tiffin service.

The video was posted to YouTube by food blogger “Swad Official,” and it has received 144k views and 5k likes. The hard work encouraged a lot of people.

Here’s what a few folks had to say about the venture:

One person said, “Sangeeta Madam’s tale is quite motivating. This lady can teach any aspiring small business owner a thing or two. She aspires to be a successful business owner. Thank you so much for making such an inspiring video.”

Another one added, “They are both true heroes, and it is so rewarding to see someone progress. They are blessed by God.”

Yet another patron of the restaurant noted, “Outside of home, the cuisine is great, and the pair is really lovely and friendly. They are blessed by God.”

Another fan of Sangeeta added, “God bless you, Sangeeta aunty; kudos to your spirit and hard effort.”

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