Pack all necessary medication

Keeping medicines handy will be a lot more easier than trying to figure out the nearest pharmacy and getting them for there.

Offline maps

Download an offline map of the area as soon as you get some wifi so that you have some directions if you get lost.

Carry plastic bags

They can come in immensely andy if you have a pair of wet clothes or some used garments that you would not want your other clothes to touch.

Eat where locals eat

Find out the best places that locals like to eat from, and have your meals from there to get hit with authenticity.

Flexible adapter

Invest in one travel adapter that is flexible for any kind of port if you are travelling the world.

Pack light

The most essential thing for backpacking is to pack light. So, do not pack your entire wardrobe and stick to only clothes that you need.

Roll up

To save space, roll up your clothes while packing, or wrap them around your valuables for added protection plus space-saving.

All about hygiene

Carry your own sanitiser, mask, paper towel and toilet roll for maximum protection, as not all places may have a proper bathroom setup.

Write down

Whenever you are visiting a new city or place, be sure to jot down a few things you want to do there.

Create memories

Take as many photos as you can as you create memories, as this might just be your best experience.

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