6 Fun Things To Do During A Phone Detox

Phone detox is the process of taking a timeout from using your smartphones and utilizing the remaining time for something better

Here are 6 fun things you can do during a phone detox


Pick up a book of your choice and start reading. It will help you improve your vocabulary and reading skills

Write a Journal

Start writing down your thoughts in a journal. This will help you connect with your thoughts clearly and declutter your mind

New Fitness Routine

Create a new fitness routine as it will be beneficial to both your physical and mental health. It will enhance the quality of your sleep and daily lifestyle

Pick a hobby

Pick a new hobby like sewing, painting, crocheting, or learning a new language that makes you feel good and brings you pleasure

Spend Time in Nature

Go outside and take a stroll in nature for fresh air. This has physical and mental health benefits. It will ease stress and help improve your mood


Spend more time with your friends and family while you're on a phone detox. Engage in fun activities like going outside for a picnic or playing sports together

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