Bard vs. ChatGPT: 7 Things Bard Can Do That ChatGPT Can't

ChatGPT has not yet released the internet search to the general public.  But Bard already has access to it and is connected in real time.

Search on the internet

You can talk to Bard instead of writing to it. It will save you a lot of time.

Voice input

Unlike ChatGPT, you can directly export a response in 2 clicks. You can even export it as an email.

Export the generated text

Google’s Bard supports over 20 programming languages, and it can explain about programs just by using a link to it. Prompt → Can you explain what is the file agent py in this repo? (your link)


As Bard is connected to the internet, you can quickly summarise webpages by sharing the link.  ChatGPT, however, cannot connect to the internet, and you will have to copy-paste the content you wish to get summarised.

Summarise webpages

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