Controversy: The Kerala Story 

Sparks Divisions Across States

The controversial movie has become a flashpoint of sorts for BJP-ruled states and those ruled by the opposition parties

West Bengal

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee ordered a ban on the film in a bid "to avoid any incident of hatred and violence".

Protests by Muslim community

Muslim political groups and other political parties like INC, TMC & DMK have protested against the film since its release on May 5.

Tamil Nadu

DMK govt. and Multiplex Owners Association of Tamil Nadu state, stopped the screening of the film as 'a precautionary measure' to maintain law and order


In Congress-ruled Rajasthan, a man was beaten up in Jodhpur after he appealed on social media to watch 'The Kerala Story' and shared positive reviews.

PM Modi in Support

Prime Minister Narendra Modi supported the film, while addressing a rally in Karnataka's Ballari.

Tax-free in Madhya Pradesh

BJP-ruled states Madhya Pradesh made the movie tax-free.

Assam CM in support

Assam Chief Minister spoke in support of the Sudipto Sen-directed film, in Karnataka rally.

Kerela HC refuses stay

The Kerala High Court had refused to stay the movie's release, acknowledges right to freedom of speach and expresssion


Delhi unit of BJP demanded the AAP govt. to give tax exemptions to the film and hold special screenings for girls in the 15-16 age group in the city

Tax free in Uttar Pradesh

BJP-ruled states, Uttar Pradesh made the movie tax-free.

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