Courses To Land A Job In ISRO

Here are five courses that can help you qualify for various positions at ISRO:

Most ISRO positions require at least a bachelor's degree in engineering or science disciplines such as aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, physics, or computer science.

1. Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Science

To secure specialised roles at ISRO, pursue an MTech in Aerospace Engineering, Remote Sensing, or Satellite Communication.

2. Master's Degree in Space Science or Engineering

For research and scientist positions at ISRO, a PhD in space research or a closely related field is often required or highly preferred. A PhD can open up opportunities for leading research projects.

3. PhD in Space Research or Related Fields

ISRO relies on remote sensing and GIS for earth observation and monitoring. Earning a diploma or certification in remote sensing and GIS can make you a valuable candidate for roles in these areas

4. Diploma/Certification in Remote Sensing and GIS

ISRO hires many software engineers and developers for missions and projects. Courses in programming languages like C, C++, Python, and software development methodologies can be advantageous for IT-related positions within ISRO.

5. Programming and Software Development Courses

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