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Here are Top 10 Richest States in India as per Total GDP

GDP is a country's total production after deficits and imports. Why certain states succeed while others don't has been debated for decades. It's simple why. Capitalism drives economic growth. Stable money and low taxes are essential to any capitalist economy.

GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

10. Madhya Pradesh – GDP Rs.9.09 lakh Crore

Madhya Pradesh Located in centre India, hence it's called "THE HEART OF INDIA" Madhya Pradesh is India's second-largest state and home to several cities. Bhopal is the country's capital, and Indore is Madhya Pradesh's largest city. Madhya Pradesh received the National Tourism Award in 2010-11 with 8.26 lakh visitors.

9. Telangana – GDP Rs.9.87 lakh Crore

Telangana was founded from Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad has Google, Microsoft, and more companies. Telangana's GDP depends on agriculture, which includes mango, sugarcane, cotton, and tobacco. Telangana's many businesses and pharmaceutical companies help the state make a lot of money.

Andhra Pradesh is India's eighth-largest state and seventh-richest. The south-east coast state. Telangana, India's 29th state, recently split from Andhra Pradesh.

8. Andhra Pradesh – GDP Rs.9.73 lakh Crore

Rajasthan, in northern India, is a popular tourist destination because to its opulent palaces and forts. Rajasthan is India's largest state and borders Pakistan. Jaipur, the Pink City, is the capital of Rajasthan, India's seventh-most populous state.

7. Rajasthan – GDP Rs.10.21 lakh Crore

6. Karnataka – GDP Rs.16.38 Lakhs Crores

Karnataka is one of the most progressive states in India, the state with highest literacy rate will surely contribute well for India’s overall GDP. The southern State is known as the high-tech hub for the finest set of shopping options and to enjoy the best of nightlife in the city.

5. Gujarat – GDP Rs.16.48 lakh Crore

Gujarat is India's westernmost state and is considered the devotional state by Hindus due to its many important places. Gujarat was Mahatma Gandhi's home, and his Sabarmati Ashram is now a museum. Gujarat is the 5th most entrepreneurial state.

West Bengal is the Eastern Indian state with its boundaries touches the famous Himalayan range and Bay of Bengal that is named after the state. Kolkata is the capital of the state, West Bengal shines amongst the state with the highest literacy rate.

4. West Bengal – GDP Rs.16.69 lakhs Crore

Uttar Pradesh with highest no of constituency assembly members stands at the fourth spot in the list. Area wise Uttar Pradesh is a 4th largest state in India with its capital Lucknow. In terms of Population, Uttar Pradesh is the highest populated state in India.

3. Uttar Pradesh – GDP Rs.17.05 lakh Crores

2. Tamil Nadu – GDP Rs.20.91 lakh Crores

The South Indian State Tamil Nadu is famous for its Dravidian-Style Temples and Kanyakumari region, the region is known as the sunset point, the looks of the sun setting at evening is just awesome.

Maharashtra is India's biggest economy and contributes 15% to India's GDP. Maharashtra in west-central India has a GDP of 28.18 lakh crore. Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra and India's economic centre, has the most millionaires and billionaires.

1. Maharashtra – GDP Rs.28.18 lakh crore