How intelligent is the sign of your zodiac

Zodiac and intelligence

As per astrologers, your zodiac signs define your intelligence and personality traits in accordance with planetary movements.

Is it true

While there is no solid evidence, astrology insists that the planetary movements indeed have an impact on how you function.

Most intelligent zodiacs

Each zodiac sign has different traits, strengths, and weaknesses. Here are the signs which are the most intelligent.


Considered the most intelligent, Aquarians tend to filter almost everything using their intellect. They are always alert, balanced and inventive.


Virgos love to fix tough issues and are known to set solutions for every possible situation they might fall into. They are ever-curious.


Their methodical way of thinking makes them smart and are not reckless in making decisions, which makes them so intelligent.


The mental strength, perception and intensity of a Scorpio makes them one of the smartest zodiac signs. They also have an ability to use information.


Geminis are the quickest thinkers among all zodiac signs and have great reasoning abilities with a perfect sense of humour.


While they have a high level of intelligence and creativity, Pisceans can get stuck in a world of imagination.


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