Dips are one of the most underrated items in the world of food, yet they hold a very special place. They add a burst of flavour, enhance the taste, and bring excitement to the most mundane dishes.

They can be savoury or sweet or even spicy — the possibilities are endless

Taste Atlas, an experiential travel guide, recently released the rankings for the 50 best dips in the world in which five popular Indian dips found spots

While mango chutney is the highest-rated Indian dip at the 30th stop, all chutneys collectively were ranked 34th

Additionally, coconut, tamarind, and green chutney were ranked 36th, 48th, and 49th, respectively.

Calling chutneys "India's national condiments", Taste Atlas said these are fresh homemade relishes and their role is to cool the palate and bring even more flavours and colours to the table.