Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been providing cloud-based solutions since 1994, including Hadoop, Elastic MapReduce, Elasticsearch, Athena, EMR, Kinesis Firehouse, and analytics. It assists in real-time big data analysis and intelligence.

1. Amazon

Teradata Corporation, founded in 1974, has 10,000 employees and 35 years of experience. It offers enterprise-class solutions, such as Teradata QueryGrid, Listener, and Viewpoint, as well as appliances for business information.

2. Teradata

InData Labs provides aluminum-powered solutions for clients, specialising in software development, data science and big data advice. It offers massive data pipelines, event-based architecture, automation and best practises.

3. InData Labs

Xplenty is a cloud-based integrated enterprise providing a simple data pipeline for data transportation and processing. It employs data specialists, engineers and development teams for marketing, sales, and support solutions.

4. Xplenty

IBM is the world's largest employer, with operations in 170 countries. It provides big data solutions such as data administration, analysis and storage, and uses software such as Cognos, SPSS, Hadoop and stream computing.

5. IBM

Dell EMC offers infrastructure and technologies to help big data organisations achieve success. Their data is stored in one place, and their products, such as Isilon, ECS, Boomi, and PowerEdge for Hadoop, have earned positive reviews. They guarantee the best performance.

7. EMC

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