Monday, September 26  Ghatasthapana



First Day – Shailaputri

The first day of Navratri is the first incarnation of Devi – Shailaputri - daughter of the mountains. Shailputri is worshiped after Kalash Sthapna. Shailputri, in Sanskrit, it is the combination of two words - 'Shail' which means mountains and 'Putri' which means daughter. She is the absolute form of Mother Nature and symbolizes strength.

Navratri Day 1 colour is white, as this day of Pratipada falls on Monday, wear a white outfit. White colour is forever the serene symbol of eternal peace.

The first Sharad Navratri colour is white, so to plan your navratri mandir decoration with white colour theme, you can opt for white Tulip flowers. You can decorate the wall behind the mandap with beautiful white tulips. Goddess