wednesday  September 28  Puja Tritiya



Day 03 -Devi Chandraghata

On the third day, Devi Chandraghata is the presiding Devi. Chandraghata is the special form that Devi Parvati assumed at the time of Her marriage with Lord Shiva. Chandra refers to the moon. The moon represents our mind. The mind is restless and keeps moving from one thought to another. Ghanta is a bell which produces only one kind of sound always.

The significance is that when our mind is established at one point, i.e Divine, then our prana (subtle life force energy) gets consolidated leading to harmony and peace. This day thus signifies withdrawing from all vagaries of the mind, with a single focus on Mother Divine.

On the Third Day of Navratri, wear Royal Blue to enjoy the festivities with unmatched elegance and grace. Richness and serenity are symbolized by the bright shade of blue known as royal blue.

Give your Navratri mandir decoration a breezy and positive look with the blue navratri colour theme. Thus, to start the exciting 10 days of Navratri 2022 you can bring in the vibrant blue orchids and create a jali design background with blue orchids to add detailing behind the idols.