Overthinking Zodiac Signs

An overthinker is someone who can turn a regular thought into a disturbing chain of thoughts, happening in an alternate universe. This being said, here are 5 zodiac signs which are classic overthinkers.

Virgos and their thinking prowess needs no introduction. themselves, Virgos are one of the top signs which drive Extremely self-critical of themselves to burnout


The overthinking trait of Geminis can get them caught in the middle of decision making. One moment everything seems fine, another second, you'll find them digressing over the nitty-gritty.


Capricorns feel constantly occupied thinking about how things could have been, only if something had happened differently.


Pisces often get imaginative, build up their own world in their head and dwell in their own thoughts. Classic overthinking abilities!


Libras often indulge in irrational thinking which works them up and makes it difficult for them to make up their mind.


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