Rules in 2023  to be successful

- Starting a business Investing  - Gym & diet - Self development

1) Have friends who discuss :

Don't tell people more than they need to know.

2) Respect your privacy

For a few months to be comfortable for the rest of the years to come.

3) Be uncomfortable

No ones cares about you. Go out and create your chances.

4) Stop being shy

Run after the freedom that comes with having money. Two very different goals.

5) Don't run after the money.

To take nothing personally to save yourself from 99% of mental problems.

6) Train yourself

Find new ways in 2023 to make money and create yours.

7) Your 9-5 is someone's passive      income.

Or you will be doing the same shit for the rest of your life.

8) You have to take a risk this year