Shweta Tiwari's Youthful Appearance: Her Fitness Secrets

Shweta Tiwari is a popular name in the industry

From Bigg Boss to Comedy Circus she has appeared in several shows.

Shweta has a huge fan base when it comes to her fitness and diet.

The 42 year old's 10 kg weight loss journey is inspiring.

Everything in proportion

To lose weight, Shweta followed the diet plan given by her nutritionist. Her diet had the right proportion of carbs, proteins and fats.

Drinking water was an important part of her diet.

She has high fibre content foods and ghee in her meals.


In several interviews, Shweta has revealed how she pushed herself to workouts. She added weight and strength training exercises to her workout routine.

As per her trainer...

Shweta's fitness secret is the quick circuit training workout which comprises pull ups, push ups, V squats, low row machine, DBL side lateral, step up and lower back extension.


"Weight loss is not's very hard! You need lot of dedication lot of self control and will power!," she writes in one of her post and has thanked her nutritionist Kinita Kadakia Patel.