The Dangers of Refrigerating Certain Foods.


You might be surprised to learn that storing bread in the refrigerator might cause it to go bad and dry out. You heard us correctly, yes! Keep it in the pantry if you can.


Keeping raw potatoes out in the open in a basket is a good idea. Do not put it in the refrigerator. The starchy complex carbohydrates in raw potatoes are altered by the cold temperature and turn sweet when cooked.


While storing chocolate in the refrigerator will not render it inedible, an open packet will absorb the flavors of other foods and change in texture. This may cause instability in your digestive system and result in stomach pain or even loose motion.

Fresh  herbs

Basil and rosemary might dry out if they are kept in the refrigerator. Keep these herbs in the kitchen out of direct sunlight and in a small glass with a little room-temperature water.


Honey loses its flavor when kept in the refrigerator. Instead, put it in a container and store it somewhere dark.


Cucumbers turn watery and pitted when stored in the refrigerator. This is known as a chilling injury. Your salad or sandwich always has more squishiness than those from the salad bars. Even so, if you need to put it in the refrigerator, make sure it is well wrapped and secured.


Unripe avocados will not ripen in the refrigerator. Just leave them there, perhaps on the kitchen counter.


Due to the humid environment in the refrigerator, it will be susceptible to mold growth. So, keeping garlic out in the open is the key. It may also end up becoming rubbery if left in the fridge for long.


If kept in the refrigerator, coffee may absorb flavors from the items around and taste different. Keep it outside as often as possible.


Try to keep your chopped onions in the pantry rather than the refrigerator. The onions will become spoiled, their fiber structure will break down, they will become mushy, and mold will begin to grow as a result of the refrigerator's chilly temperature and high humidity.

Bell peppers

You adore bell peppers for their crunch and their texture may get saggy when frozen at low temperatures.

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