The Many Career Paths in the Arts.


Journalism and mass communication is an excellent career option if you aspire to work in the media industry. You can specialise in the field of journalism and become a reporter or a journalist.

Join civil services

You can also apply for various civil services in UPSC like IFS, IPS, etc. Attempt the two-tier UPSC exam and clear the interview to become a bureaucrat or an officer.


You can become a lawyer by pursuing BA-LLB. Clear the All India Bar Examination to practice as an advocate or a lawyer.


Choose your niche expertise in the vast field of design. You can become a fashion designer, interior designer, etc.


Opt for filmmaking courses and programmes to study filmmaking and visual arts. You can become a creative director, filmmaker, screenplay writer, etc

Event manager

Event management is an excellent career opportunity. You can plan, organise and manage small and big events based on your expertise.

Hotel manager

Hotel management is another promising career option. Opt for hotel management courses in one of the top institutions in India and learn the required skills.

Graphic designer and video editor

Opt for courses like graphic designing and video editing and learn the required skills. Video editing and graphic designing are creative career opportunities.


If you are from arts stream and excel in creativity, then you can become an entrepreneur and start up your own business using your unique ideas.

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