Drink plenty of water

Keep drinking lots of water and other fluids to help with body sweat and keep your core temperature normal.


Wear for light colours, loose fittings and lightweight clothes made from cotton on linen so that your body can cool down.

Circulate air

Make sure that you keep air circulation at place when at home. Switch on the fan or AC after drawing your curtains to keep the air flowing.

Stay protected from sunburns

Sunburns make your body lose the ability to cool down naturally. So make sure you are wearing a sunscreen all the time while outside.

Choose cooler hours

Limit your outside activities. In case you have to go out at all costs, choose to do it during the cooler times of the day.

Keep yourself cool

Use a damp towel with ice, put your feet in cold water and take regular cool showers to keep your body temperature normal.

Lighter meals

Avoid having heavy meals during summers. Choose lighter and colder meals like a salad. While eating small meals, make sure you have the food often.

Avoid exercise

Try not to opt for outdoor exercise activities in hot weather to prevent your body from heating up.

Smart accessories

While heading out, choose accessories such as hats, umbrellas and sunglasses to get some shade and prevent the sun from directly heating up your head.

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