Moonlighting is the practice of working on multiple jobs on top of one's regular job. People typically moonlight to earn an extra income; one may also call it a side gig or side hustle.

Specifically, social media influencers who produce financial content and provide investment advice to audience are called Finfluencers.

Cockroach startups, in contrast to Unicorns, which refers to businesses valued at over $1 billion, are those that face challenges but still manage to grow slowly and consistently.

This effect is known as proximity bias. This happens as a result of the misconception that office workers are more productive than those who work remotely.

In contrast to those who work remotely, those who are physically closer to company executives benefit from outsized influence & have high promotion chances.

Quiet quitting essentially refers to performing the tasks for which one is paid while refusing to take on extra responsibilities or investing no more time & effort than absolutely necessary things.

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