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Top strategies for note taking in Zoom meetings like an expert

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Have you ever been curious about how to take notes in Zoom meetings? Here are some of the more effective methods.

After a Zoom meeting, most individuals forget what was said. You might become inefficient and unproductive if you don’t remember the highlights of the meeting.

So, how do you keep track of all your virtual meetings? Fill up the blanks with meeting notes. While this isn’t a novel notion, many people lack the proper note-taking method to assist them keep track of their calls. How, on the other hand, do you take notes during Zoom meetings? Let’s have a look.

Meeting Notes vs. Minutes: What’s the Difference? What’s the Difference Between the Two?

The majority of the time, meeting notes and meeting minutes are used interchangeably.

Meeting notes are a summary of the ideas, plans, objectives, activities, and deadlines discussed during the meeting.

Meeting notes, apart from personal usage, may also be a resource for your coworkers, especially if you’re willing to share yours.

Because they include all of the important information addressed at a meeting, they can help your team be more productive. Your meeting notes, on the other hand, should be organized.

Here are some top tips on taking notes like a pro in Zoom meetings:

1. Become acquainted with the fundamentals of note-taking.

There are various issues that you should address when taking notes. The following are some of the items you should include:


Write down the details that are already available to you before the meeting starts so you don’t lose time.

Here they are:

Time and date: This will assist you in properly organising and sorting your notes.

Attendees and meeting type: Is this a customer call or a meeting with the team?

Who was there?


A synopsis of the meeting’s topics.

Do you have any suggestions for what we should talk about at the meeting?

Make a list of them so you don’t forget them.

DURING THE MEETING: Once the meeting starts, you may concentrate your note-taking on the most significant points spoken, such as:

Action items: Make a list of any plans that were addressed during the meeting.

Provide the information requested, including the names of the persons involved, the assignment and duties, the timeframe, and the deadline.

Facts: Any pertinent information presented during the meeting.

Question and response:

Keep a record of the questions and responses that were posed during the meeting so that you may go back to them if necessary.

2. Recording Everything You Hear Isn’t Necessary

Taking notes isn’t about writing down everything spoken in the Zoom meeting. The old-school method of writing down the whole meeting is no longer used by professionals.

This is because the entire procedure takes a long time and contradicts the point of taking notes in the first place. Instead, merely keep track of keywords and action items To keep your notes succinct and easy to read, review the fundamentals of note-taking.

3. Construct a Template

Create a template to help the entire note-taking process go faster. You may make your own template to fit your needs, or you can use alternative note-taking ways. A mind map might be a great template if you’re a visual person.

You may utilise note-taking applications in addition to techniques to help you manage things. Some apps come with pre-made templates, so you don’t have to worry about generating or finding one.

4. Establish Your Objective

The most crucial thing to consider if you want to be effective in producing Zoom meeting notes is your aim. Why are you taking notes in the first place?

Do you have to take notes as part of your job? Do you wish to share them with others? What do you want to gain from it?

You’ll be more motivated to take better notes if you define your note-taking aim. Writing meeting notes becomes a breeze if you know what you want to accomplish. You’ll have a better knowledge of what you want to accomplish.

Remember that your meeting notes should assist you in improving your profession.

Is it Always Necessary to Take Notes During Zoom Meetings? You are not required to take notes at all times during sessions. You must, however, learn to weigh the value of each call you make.

Nonetheless, taking notes is a valuable skill to have if you want to grow in your work.

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