1. Digital Marketing    Expert

Digital marketing is rapidly expanding. Digital campaigns by domain experts increase brand exposure and income. Digital marketing will have around 60 million jobs by 2025, according to industry forecasts.

Key skills in demand: Social media marketing, online marketing, SEO, content management. Major hiring locations: Delhi/NCR has a share of 22 per cent jobs, Mumbai and Bengaluru are at 16 and 15 per cent respectively.

2. Automation Engineer

Key skills in demand: AI/ML, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Python, Java. Major hiring locations: Bengaluru leads with 34 per cent share of jobs in automation.

In 2022, automation engineer demand was close to 12%. Automation engineers will be in demand this year due to hyper-automation.

3. Data Scientist

Key skills in demand: Power BI, R/Python, statistical modelling, analysis. Major hiring locations: Bengaluru leads with 36 per cent share followed by Delhi/NCR with 26 per cent share of total jobs for data scientists.

The data scientist role has grown in market research, healthcare, business intelligence, and operations in recent years and will continue to do so in 2023.

4. Cyber Security Expert

Over the past year, cybersecurity jobs increased 41%. BFSI and IT are the major industries hiring for these professions.

Key skills in demand: Cloud security, information security, network engineering, Major hiring locations: Bengaluru leads with 38 per cent share of total jobs for cybersecurity roles.

5. Blockchain Developer

Blockchain technology stores all confirmed transactions forever in a shared digital ledger. In 2022, blockchain developer demand rose 14% from 2021.

Key skills in demand: Golang (a programming language), Java, smart contract development, Node.js, AWS (Amazon Web Services). Major hiring locations: Mumbai leads with 27 per cent share of total jobs for blockchain engineers followed by Bengaluru and Delhi/NCR with 22 per cent each.

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