1. Sowing seeds or saplings

Broccoli can be grown from seeds or transplants, starting by sowing seeds in a tray or pot, ensuring moist soil, and transplanting healthy seedlings into the garden.

2. Filling the grow bag

A crucial step in growing seasonal vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower is filling the grow bag appropriately based on the plant's growth.

3. Requires only 50 per cent sunlight

To ensure optimal growth, it is recommended to place broccoli plants in a location that receives up to 50% sunlight rather than direct sunlight, especially in cold climates.

4. Adding organic fertilizers

After planting the sapling, maintain proper soil moisture without overwatering, avoid immediate fertilization, allow it to establish for two weeks, and then enrich its growth with organic inputs like bio-slurries.

5. Combating pests

To prevent pests in broccoli, create an organic pesticide by mixing 100 gm of neem cake and ground garlic bulbs in water, allowing it to steep overnight, and then straining the mixture for spraying onto the plants.

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