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Nitil Gupta created Eduvacancy, a job portal for the Indian Education Sector



Nitil Gupta created Eduvacancy, a job portal for the Indian Education Sector

Digital platform, Eduvacancy, directly connects both job seekers to education sector employers. Find out how the job portal was built for career development in India’s education sector.

Despite education being one of the top five job-creation sectors, people seeking for jobs on multiple platforms typically receive low-quality job search results, with many of those openings never being filled. Nitil Gupta founded Eduvacancy alongside Manav Shah and Nikita Shah to address this issue.

The Mumbai-based firm is a job search platform that focuses on education and provides both teaching and non-teaching positions. It became public a month ago after being in beta mode since 2021.

The platform assists companies in assessing appropriate talent through video resumes and video interviews. This is acting as a game changer in the education sector. Furthermore, good and qualified individuals from Tier II, III, and below cities do not have access to these chances.

Preschools, nurseries, schools, colleges, edtech businesses, coaching programmes, and test prep centres are among the employers served by the startup. Our job seekers database includes teaching and non-teaching personnel, according to Nitil.

Individuals and institutions can use our streamlined online platform to apply for many employment openings and hire the best people in the education field. The portal also has a video resume tool, which allows candidates to make their best 60-second elevator pitch in 60 seconds.

With 16,500+ open positions, 10,000+ employers, and 1,00,000+ registered users, the bootstrapped startup with a team of 28 individuals claims to have developed tremendously in the last ten months.

Nitil says that Eduvacancy enables schools to choose the greatest people at their fingertips and simplifies recruitment.

Nitil Gupta, a serial entrepreneur, has spent almost 20 years in the education field. Nitil and Manav have known each other for a long time and shared a passion for entrepreneurship. According to Nitil, they both saw a significant disparity in quality education hiring in the country.

All job search platforms cater to the IT, BFSI, and Oil & Gas industries, making it incredibly difficult for educators to discover appropriate opportunities, he adds. This laid the groundwork for Eduvacancy, the startup’s self-explanatory moniker.

Nitil and Manav put up Rs 1-1.5 crore out of their own pockets to start establishing a niche internet platform that advances education careers by disrupting a time-consuming recruitment procedure dominated by middlemen.

While the co-founders assert that Eduvanacy is a unique career development platform with no direct competitors, the platform competes indirectly with sites such as,, and Indeed.

According to the founders, the firm distinguishes itself through next-generation features such as video resumes and a specific focus on the burgeoning education and edtech sectors.

According to a analysis, demand for education experts would increase fourfold in 2020 compared to 2019.

Overall, the pandemic has prepared the path for huge growth in the edtech sector, with a $10.4 billion potential market by 2025.

The firm makes money through a freemium strategy.

While it is completely free for candidates, it provides individualised and premium recruitment services for senior roles like as Principal, Director, and Vice-chancellor, among others.

Employers must also pay a subscription fee to Eduvacancy.

According to Manav, the firm is in the process of expanding its revenue streams by incorporating value-added capabilities into its platform.

The founders have so far spent Rs 3.5 crore in the firm and are now trying to raise funding to support its expansion aspirations.

Nitil Gupta hopes to onboard around 15-20 lakh educationists on the Eduvacancy platform in the next 12-18 months, as well as over 150,000 companies.

He goes on to say that the company hopes to offer more than one lakh job openings on its website.

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