Ethics Policy

Times Applaud Private Limited (referred to as “Times Applaud,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our”), we prioritize transparency and ethical conduct in all aspects of our work. We adhere to a set of principles outlined in our Code of Ethics, which we present below for your reference.

Premise: Times Applaud was established to bridge the gap between mainstream media and the public’s understanding of news. Our aim is to counter the fast-paced nature of “breaking news,” which often leads to the dissemination of false or inaccurate information. In pursuit of our vision and mission to become the most reliable platform for news and information on crucial issues, we abide by ethical principles.

Ethical Principles: In furtherance of our intentions and our commitment to being a trustworthy platform, we have adopted the following principles:

  1. Neutrality and Dialogue: We strive to be a neutral platform that fosters dialogue among individuals from diverse backgrounds and political inclinations. Our goal is to facilitate discussions and solutions on important issues.
  2. Accuracy and Attribution: We present the most accurate and relevant information available at the time of reporting. We credit sources appropriately and strictly prohibit plagiarism in any form.
  3. Balanced and Unbiased Reporting: We aim to provide balanced, unbiased, and logical opinions on issues. Our reporting reflects a commitment to fairness and integrity.
  4. Editorial Independence: We maintain a clear separation between business interests and editorial decision-making. Our editorial choices are not influenced by business considerations.
  5. Responsible Reporting: Rather than prioritizing breaking news, we prioritize accuracy and wait until sufficient information is available before sharing. We refrain from speculation.
  6. Inclusion of Diverse Voices: We include diverse voices in our stories to ensure fairness and balance. Multiple perspectives enhance the depth and quality of our reporting.
  7. Accountability and Error Correction: In the event of an error, we issue a public apology and promptly rectify the mistake. Transparency and accountability are essential in our work.
  8. Transparency in Advertising: We clearly distinguish between editorial content and advertisements/advertorials. If a story is not from our editorial team and is sponsored content, it is disclosed at the outset.
  9. Resilience against Power Pressure: We remain steadfast and resolute in the face of pressure from powerful individuals or entities. Our commitment to journalistic integrity remains unwavering.
  10. Support for Editorial Staff: We stand by our editorial team in legal disputes and cases of harassment, providing them with necessary support and protection.

By upholding these ethical principles, we aim to maintain the trust of our audience and fulfill our mission of delivering reliable news and information on the most critical issues.