Owership and Funding

Times Applaud, also known as Entity Times Applaud Private Limited, is fully committed to transparency in all aspects of its operations. In this document, we aim to provide you with information about our ownership structure and sources of funding.

The Times Applaud was co-founded in 2022 by Taushif Patel and Sunil Pandey. As a company, we are incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013, and our registered office is located in Mumbai India.

Revenue Model:

We operate on a self-sustained and bootstrapped model, primarily relying on revenue generated through online advertisements and sponsored articles. We strive to maintain a balanced approach to advertising by featuring only limited and socially relevant advertisements. To ensure transparency, all sponsored content is clearly tagged as “Sponsored,” distinguishing it from regular articles on our website. Our revenue model also involves actively seeking grants to support our journalistic endeavors.

Operative Principles:

We adhere to certain principles to maintain our integrity and transparency. When publishing our work, we disclose any potential conflicts of interest on the same page. We have a strict policy of not accepting funds from political parties or political leaders, as outlined in our Non-Partisanship Policy.

In summary, at Times Applaud, we are dedicated to being transparent about our ownership structure and funding sources. We operate on a self-sustained revenue model primarily supported by online advertisements and sponsored articles, while also seeking grants for our journalism work. We prioritize limited and socially relevant advertisements and disclose any conflicts of interest. We maintain a strict policy of not accepting funds from political parties or leaders.