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How obesity raises the risk of diseases like heart attack & diabetes

The chance of having obesity-related comorbidities increases exponentially once BMI exceeds 30/Kg m2. Life expectancy decreases dramatically when BMI surpasses 40 kg/m2 (Morbid obesity)....

Know why and when to say no for self-respect & to get what you want

Personality Development Suggestions: The individual who says no is frequently seen repenting. That is why it is believed that one should establish a practise...

Journey of Dr YN Mahalakshmi from acid attack survivor to Doctor & COVID warrior

Dr Mahalakshmi YN from Mysuru is the epitome of strong willpower and perseverance. She speaks about surviving abuse and how she now focuses on...

Here’s how Dawaa Dost is making medicines more affordable for the common man

In the next year, it aims to reach over Rs 200 crore GMV, serve over 400 million Indians, and achieve a base of 4...
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Here’s why heart attacks are rapidly increasing in young India

India's cardiologists say that over the past decade there has been a rapid rise in heart attacks in people aged 25-55 in India and...

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