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Healthy Bones to Improved Skin and Hair: 7 health benefits of consuming milk with ghee

Making 'ghee milk' from milk and ghee may have health benefits. Ghee, a clarified butter, contains beneficial lipids that help milk absorb fat-soluble vitamins,...

7 ways to end mental health stigma, be more compassionate towards patients

Medical science has made great strides in understanding and treating these disorders, but mental illness stigma sometimes hinders people from seeking assistance. This article...

How to help autistic children reach their full potential

Autistic children struggle with ADL, academics, peer relationships, understanding objects and environments, taking orders, and expressing themselves.Speech and language development might be delayed. Child...

Can daylight exposure control blood sugar levels in diabetics? Check out what study says

Increasing sun exposure helps Type 2 diabetics control blood sugar. This is because natural light regulates hormones like melatonin and cortisol, which affect blood...
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What type of Indian fish can help you manage uric acid levels?

A diet rich in fish, vegetables, cereals, and water is essential for uric acid management. Today we'll discuss the best Indian fish for uric...

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