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5 Successful Business Persons Who Started From Scratch

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It is quite a common phenomenon to see the rich getting richer. They obviously have an economic leg-up and make intelligent and tactical moves to grow their businesses into even bigger money making enterprises. Either they take over their parents’ company or they borrow a considerable amount from them and build their own start-up. While these success stories are inspiring in their own way, what we find even more inspiring are the stories of those people who made it big from nothing. We do not mean it in the clichéd rags to riches trope. But to admire how uplifting some individuals are who dare to dream beyond their circumstances despite having no capital in their pockets, no funding or experiences. And in spite of these adverse circumstances they made it big and built big successful businesses. Here are 5 successful business persons who started

1.Kevin Plank

Kevin Plank was broke when he mustered up the courage to start his company that now does a billion dollar in retail sales. He simply had $20,000 in his bank account, his life saving, and he poured it all into his dream to fund his company. For those who don’t now this company is Under Armour, a signature clothing brand. Within a few years he sold his clothing to NFL teams and made millions of dollars. Not bad for someone who only had $20,000 in his name.

2. Jan Koum

WhatsApp is indispensable, it is not up for debate! Everyday billions of people use it to communicate and share information, whether for personal reasons or business reasons. But the man who made this platform a reality is a man who was born in a small remote village in Ukraine – Jan Koum. His family moved to California and there he developed impressive skills with software development. Soon he realized the diamond mine that was the app industry and launched WhatsApp. It was an instant global success and recently was bought over by Facebook for nothing less than $19 billion.

3. Sam Walton

Sam Walton is the founder of the famous and popular grocery and supermarket franchise. It is hard to believe that Sam had to struggle and had no money in his name, therefore it is quite ironic that today working in Walmart is considered one of the most underpaying jobs in America. But initially when it started, Mr. Walton took a loan of $25,000 from his wife’s father for his retail store. But by 1962 Walmart was a huge success and within ten years after

4. John Paul DeJoria

John Paul DeJoria was a real hustler. Before he accomplished any of his business achievements he worked as a newspaper courier, a janitor and even a truck driver! All this to simply make ends meet. But eventually he met Paul Mitchell and with him ventured to start his own company with only a $700 loan. His company, named John Paul Mitchell Systems, is now worth more than 3 billion dollars.

5. George Soros

George Soros was not only an insanely successful man, but also a man with a great backstory. He fled Hungary to escape the Nazi persecutions. He worked and funded his own education at the London School of Economics. Soon after he moved to The United States of America where he became of the prominent figures in many important firms. Eventually he started his own company which once made billions because of his smart tactical brain.

These are only a few names in the long, long list of business people who made it big in the world.

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