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Ashok Oil & Food Products, one of the pioneers of Edible oil exports in India have come up with an entire range of healthy edible oils.

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Ashok Oil & Food Products – One of the Leading Exporters of Indian Origin Edible Oils – Launches a New Brand in India with a focus on Promoting Healthy Living with Its Premium Edible Oil Brand, Ace Gold – India’s Natural Edible Oil.

Ashok Oil & Food Products which was formerly known as Ashok Oil Mills was started by Mehta family in the year 1948 at Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai.

The Indian edible oil market is vast and majorly dominated by large corporations. Most of the edible oil consumed in India (~70%) is imported in its crude form and goes through a chemical refining process and then is packed for the consumers and sold in the form of refined oils. The major oils in this category include: Palm oil, Sunflower oil, Soyabean oil etc.

Ashok Oil & Food Products opted to stay out of the importing game and refrained from dealing in refined oils, and instead focused on the exports of our Indian origin indigenous oils in their filtered & cold pressed forms to the USA, Canada, EU, UK, Middle East, Australia & New zealand, where they are widely consumed by the Indian and other south Asian communities. The company Is one of the pioneers of edible oil exports in India and they export all the major Indian origin oils including Mustard oil, Sesame oil, Peanut oil, Ricebran oil, Coconut oil, Gingelly oil, Flaxseed oil, Castor oil, Kalonji oil, Neem oil, Almond oil etc. under their own brands, “Ace” & “MOM”

The company feels that the Indian consumer market in the past one decade has evolved a whole lot and is ready to accept a superior substitute to a day-to-day FMCG product if marketed to them with the right intentions. 

The company, led by its 4 partners, feels this is the right time to make a comeback to our home country and launch the products in a completely new and premium category of healthy edible oils in their naturally filtered & cold pressed forms. The brand Ace Gold represents an attempt to launch an honest range of oils for the consumers, without any unnecessary and unscrupulous claims to make an inferior product look superior but instead focus on promoting ways to lead a healthy lifestyle by being aware of the most common yet often unnoticed ingredient of our daily lives and making the right choice for oneself.

The brand is now available on multiple E-commerce platforms including Amazon & Flipkart as well as their own E-commerce store for edible oils, www.acegold.in

The vision of Ashok Oil & Food Products is to become the leading player as well as the most trustworthy oil & food manufacturing and packaging company all over the globe. The mission of the company is to create value for its stakeholders by engaging in innovations continuously and to promote healthy living by delivering the highest quality products. Integrity, transparency and excellence are three values of Ashok Oil & Food Products – integrity ensures that they always remain honest in serving their customers and never compromise on the moral and ethical standards, transparency has always helped them in building trust and excellence is what they strive for each and every time. 

Ace brand edible oils are widely exported all across the globe including USA, Canada, Europe, Middle east, Australia, New Zealand etc.
The company has reached great heights and carried on their legacy since 1948, led by their managing partners:
Dinesh Mehta, who handles the overall operations.
Hiren Mehta, who handles the marketing and exports of the firm.
Hardik Mehta, who handles the purchase and Finance of the firm. And the new entrant, Karan Mehta who handles the new brand development.

The new brand, Ace Gold shall be under their age old banner of Ace, now to be know in India as, “Ace Gold”
Ace gold will be the gold standard for edible oils in India, with a primary aim to promote healthy living by introducing a range of filtered & cold pressed oils including Mustard oil, Sesame Oil, Peanut Oil, Ricebran Oil, Coconut Oil, Gingelly Oil, Flaxseed Oil etc.
These oils shall be promoted D2C via Amazon, Flipkart and the brand’s own e-commerce store, www.acegold.in

Apart from the online presence, the brand plans to hit the shelves of your favourite supermarkets soon!

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