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A Walk To Remember-7 Most Famous Streets Around The World

As a traveller, one might have come across or visited destinations labelled as famous sea beaches, road trips, train routes, hill stations, etc. However, there are scenic street walkways that are in itself a travel destination. Each of the following streets/passages has a unique narrative in the lineup- be it shopping, entertainment, historical significance, or architectural design. Let’s delve into the seven most famous streets around the world that provide visitors with a vibrant photo op.

Acorn Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA– While visiting the historic Beacon Hill neighbourhood, travellers will walk the Acorn Street housing the Federal-style brick rowhouses, gas lanterns and red brick sidewalks. Cited as the most photographed street in the USA, it’s one of Boston’s most famous attractions.  Overall historic look and a colonial feel.

Brunngasse, Breinz, Switzerland- Listed as Europe’s most beautiful street, Brunngasse is situated in the most picturesque Swiss village. The prettiest street is located in the old part of the village. The street’s 18th-century wooden carved villas with dainty colourful flowers on windowsills. A walk-through in the short alley will take you to Lake Breinz.

Via Giudecca, Burano, Italy– You will find this beautiful street in one of the famous islands of Venice, Italy-Burano. Perhaps the most popular spot, Via Giudecca looks out to the lagoon, with the island’s brightly multi-coloured small buildings that seem to pop out at the lining of the canal canals running along the streets. It’s the island’s signature look. A must-visit day-trip destination if you are in Venice.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark- It’s Copenhagen, Denmark’s prettiest spot. A 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district Nyhavn with colourful 17th- and 18th-century townhouses rising either side of the boats and yachts docked in the canal. You may sit down for a leisurely drink at one of the many cafés on either side and enjoy the magical views.

Águeda, Portugal– travellers get a vibrant spectacle to watch when they see the wonderful colourful umbrellas filling all the streets during the annual Umbrella Sky Project in Águeda. Known for its stunning display of colourful umbrellas suspended above the streets, the place attracts visitors worldwide to witness this magical sight.

Philosopher’s Path, Kyoto, Japan- A tranquil stone 2 km walkway alongside the northern part of Kyoto’s Higashiyama district, Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto is lined with cherry blossom trees, offering a serene escape for contemplation and reflection, particularly during the picturesque cherry blossom season.

Streets of Mykonos, Greece– Mykonos is a very pretty and colourful island with many cute but narrow cobblestone streets like Delou, Mattheou, Andronikou, Matogianni, Goumenio Square, etc. The streets of Mykonos are a maze of whitewashed buildings adorned with colourful doors and bougainvillaea flowers, creating a postcard-perfect setting that captures the essence of Greek island charm.

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