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All you need to know about the best time to buy an iPhone

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Buying a new iPhone might be prudent or foolish at certain times of year. Knowing when to buy a new iPhone may save you money and maximize your investment.

When buying a new iPhone, it’s important to consider when to buy. August is especially not recommended for iPhone purchases. Apple usually launches new iPhones in September, which underpins this advice. Buying the latest iPhone before its release may be regrettable. But, the best time to buy a new iPhone isn’t necessarily right after its debut, despite popular belief.

Waiting a month or two after launch might be advantageous unless you are desperate to get the most recent gear. During this time, any early problems with the new iPhones may be recognized and fixed as supply catches up to demand.

Waiting longer than the first few months after release is advised if you want to save money on your iPhone purchase. While purchasing a new iPhone within nine months of its introduction is typically acceptable, waiting a little longer might result in lower prices.

Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day, which take place in July or October, are other great times to find an iPhone sale. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that these promotions seldom provide large discounts on the most recent iPhone models.

Within the first year of sales, the corporation seldom ever lowers the price of a newly launched iPhone. Instead, when releasing a new model, the corporation often lowers the cost of the model from the prior year. This often happens in September when new models are introduced, however it may happen in the spring if Apple releases a new phone then.

In conclusion, the spring and summer seasons are often the greatest times to buy the newest iPhone models. Around Prime Day and Black Friday, great discounts are frequently available for those prepared to choose somewhat older models.

Avoid purchasing an iPhone in July or August since prices on older devices sometimes decline when new versions are about to be released. In the end, there are iPhone offers to be discovered all year long, so smart consumers must take time into account.


When buying a new iPhone, know when to make the wisest choice. August is not a good month to buy an iPhone because Apple unveils its new models in September. As supply meets demand, waiting a month or two after debut might be beneficial. Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day are wonderful iPhone promotions, but the newest models rarely have big reductions. Apple seldom decreases the price of a new iPhone in its first year, but they may lower a previous-year model. Spring and summer are the greatest periods to buy the latest iPhone models, with Prime Day and Black Friday discounts.

Nitin Gohil
Nitin Gohil
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