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How Anoop Singhal who once made Rs.1500 a month made 420 Papad a Rs.200cr business

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100 After a small start, Anoop Singhal’s family business 420 Papad is now worth Rs.200 crore. Here is Anoop’s amazing story.

The story of Indore’s Anoop Singhal shows how life can take you anyplace you desire if you work hard and strongly believe in your victory.

Hukumchand Agrawal, Kailash Singhal, and Prakash Singhal created family business Agrawal’s 420 Papad, Namkeen, Masala, Bakery Products, and Sweets. Anoop is a director of the company along with Narayan Agrawal, Rajesh Singhal, Anoop Agrawal.

What began as a small-scale operation with only 50 women papad manufacturers now employs 1500 women and 600 other workers.

The present market value of the company is around Rs 200 crores. 

Anoop had been fidgety since he was a child, and he was fascinated by the act of deconstructing toys. In his adolescence, he also had an entrepreneurial mindset, which aided him later in life.

He began working at one of his relatives’ company after finishing tenth grade, earning Rs. 1500 per month.

Anoop’s father was a serial entrepreneur who tried his hand at a variety of enterprises but struggled throughout his life. When 420 began in Indore in 1962 to serve savoury papads, they used to just produce 50-100 kg of papad per month. But, Anoop made groundbreaking improvements that allowed the business to grow, when joined the company.

Five years ago, 420 Papad tried Namkeen for the first time, but it failed spectacularly.

But, as they say, failure is a stepping stone to success, so Anoop reintroduced the namkeen sector with better quality and made sure that the team met their sales targets, and it quickly became a huge hit.

420 now produces roughly 15 tonnes of Namkeen and is currently ranked second in Indore’s Namkeen sector. 420 just debuted bakery products such as bread, cookies, and rusk, which are already gaining popularity.

Because of the high quality of the products, every consumer orders them again. When asked why each product is so successful, Anoop replied, “We use the highest quality ingredients.”

In Indore and a few other places of MP, the 420 Papad brand is well-known. Consumers have already responded positively to the company’s recent introduction of a distribution network in Mumbai.

Anoop’s long-term goal is to bring the best items to every corner of India.

Anoop Singhal believes that hard effort pays off, and he plans to raise funding for his business so that he can take 420 to new heights.

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