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Are French Fries Making You Depressed? The Shocking Truth Uncovered!

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On a dull or stressful day, eating can help restore the feel-good factor by releasing the feel-good chemical dopamine in the brain. However, eating an excessive amount of French fries may have a detrimental effect on mental health and exacerbate despair and anxiety, claim researchers in Hangzhou, China.

People who often consume fried foods, such as French fries, were 13% more likely to experience anxiety-related problems and had a 7% risk of depression compared to those who did not. Because it’s unclear whether fried foods caused mental health problems or whether people who were experiencing depression anxiety turned to fried food, this association resembles a chicken and egg scenario.

However, one can see how fried foods might create anxiety and sadness by causing people to go for more food in order to feel better for longer periods of time, leading to binge-eating tendencies and losing control.

In this scenario, the emotional bandage provided by binge eating, French fries, and is really exacerbating the primary mental health problem. Researchers in Hangzhou, China studied 140K people over 11 years and discovered that eating fried foods, particularly French fries, is associated with sadness and anxiety.

A 41-year-old lady came to the study looking for help with her binge-eating behaviours, which included a lot of fried foods. She acknowledged to briefly feeling better, but she would like to repeat the pattern when the impact wore off. Doctors advised her to address her sadness first, and then concentrate on her eating habits. She adjusted her eating habits and complied when her anxiety and sadness subsided and her mental health stabilised.

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