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Artistic Treasures of Isha Ambani

Isha Ambani Piramal, daughter of billionaire Ishwar Ambani and wife to Piramal. Group Chairman Anand Piramal has revealed some of her most prized possessions.
As a child travelling abroad with her family, Isha Ambani Piramal would take every opportunity she could to visit museums and art exhibitions.
“These experiences gave me so much exposure while also helping form my identity,” she explained during an interview at the launch of NMACC Art House last year. All these years later, Nita Ambani remains passionate about art; her artworks remain among her prized possessions.

Antilia’s front porch showcases American artist Robert Indiana’s iconic red Love sculpture by an American artist. Additionally, their living area hosts silver and gold Subodh Gupta installations by Subodh Gupta as well as Ravinder Reddy head sculptures by Subodh Gupta.
Nita gave Isha an illuminated neon Tracey Emin sculpture as part of her graduation gift which reads, ‘When I hold you I hold your heart.” Isha cherishes this memento.

In addition to a piece by Tracey Emin that her husband Anand Piramal gave her as a wedding present: an abstract work by Jennifer Guidi was another precious item Isha holds dear as a wedding present from Anand Piramal gifted from Anand Piramal as a wedding present as her wedding present himself as part of this art-house experience NMACC Art House experience by Isha that has taken shape this year at 16,000-square-from NMACC has also created its four-story Art House last year with its opening day celebrations at 16,000 square-revenue all for Anand Piramal gave her as a wedding present a treasured work by Jennifer Guidi who gave her piece by Anand Piramal! Anand Piramal gave his prize.

“There are so many but I particularly admire the works of Bharti Kher, Rithika Merchant and Rana Begum,” Isha replies, adding “My favourite piece is my children’s handprint stuck to my fridge – that is something that never gets old!”

Not one to be dishonest, Isha Ambani proudly unveils another precious possession: her engagement ring – an exquisite heart-shaped diamond visible from space that could make its way back home on spacecraft!

“I must give it to my husband,” Isha agrees; “he thought about it”. Her collection contains plenty of jewels (one of the world’s most expensive uncut diamond necklaces; a belt covered in gems equaling the GDP of a small nation; as well as a blouse constructed out of precious gems), yet these precious possessions carry immense sentimental value.

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