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Beard it like Beckham, Salman, or Kartik: Top Summer Beard Styles for Men

Growing a beard in winter is quite easy to maintain, but come summer, it may not be so simple. However, there’s no need to go bare. Take inspiration from Style icons like Salman, Kartik and Beckham and give your beard a lighter summer spin. Certain styles can be sported during the summer to keep you looking sharp and feeling cool.

Goatee – The most classic and super easy style to sport. The goatee is an easy-to-maintain style and suits all face shapes. It involves growing hair on the chin and keeping the cheeks clean-shaven. It’s perfect for men who want a neat and defined look without a full beard. Finally, there are tons of ways to get this done, while playing with the thickness of the lines. Frankly, you can’t go wrong with this one like Salman Khan.

Stubble- The five-day stubble is an effortlessly cool beard style sported by many. Virat Kohli, and Kartik Aryan sport this look often. It is another style that suits most face shapes and is simple to maintain and don. What you need is a decent trimmer to define the edges once in a while and you will get it right every time. It gives a rugged yet refined appearance and works well for those who don’t want the commitment of a longer beard.

Boxed Beard- The short-boxed beard is a neat, well-groomed style ideal for professional settings. The best example is English footballer David Beckham who has sported various beard styles. But the most talked about his facial hair style is the boxed beard. He has become a trendsetter in the beard community. The beard needs to be trimmed into a square shape to define the chin area, (a full beard that outlines the jawline). For a more groomed and summery look, you can cut the beard shorter on the sides and use a comb to style the longer chin hairs into place.

Van Dyke: When Rockstar Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja sported the Van Dyke beard it broke the internet. A pointed play on the classic goatee it features a disconnected moustache. It’s a sophisticated style that adds a touch of elegance to your look. Regular grooming and shaping are necessary to keep the lines clean and defined.

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