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Bhavesh Bhatia was fired after he lost his vision now his business has 9500 blind employees

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Bhavesh Bhatia is a National Award winner, who became blind when he was 23 years old. Nonetheless he founded Sunrise Candles, a business that has  9500 visually impaired employees.

Bhavesh Bhatia, a citizen of Gujarat, never gave up despite losing his sight at the age of 23. He made the decision to brighten thousands of lives instead.

Bhavesh was sacked from his job as a hotel telephone operator after developing eye problems. He had to find a method to make ends meet because he came from a poor household.

He signed up for the National Association for the Blind in Mumbai, where he learned how to make candles, and he made the decision to take advantage of his newfound knowledge.

He started out by hawking candles from a cart and then applied for a Rs. 15,000 loan through a blind person’s lending programme.

With this, he began his business, Sunrise Candles, where he hires and teaches individuals with vision impairments in addition to selling candles. Over 9,500 visually challenged persons are now employed by the large company that once operated as a small firm.

Additionally, Sunrise Candles sells their candles to close to 67 nations and operates around 71 manufacturing facilities throughout 14 states.

In addition to being a successful businessman, Bhavesh is an accomplished athlete who has won more than 100 paralympic medals and three National Awards from the President of India.

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