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Bhoomi Trivedi expresses heartfelt thanks to Amit Trivedi after Ghani Cool Chori becomes super hit song

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Bhoomi Trivedi’s new song Ghani Cool Chori is a super duper hit. The singer has in an interview thanked music director Amit Trivedi for giving her the song.

Bhoomi Trivedi has just given an interview to Times Applaud, whose team congratulated her for the success of the Ghani Cool Chori song. 

Bhoomi belongs to a musical family in Vadodara of Gujarat and fell in love with music at a very young age. She rose to prominence through the national singing competition Indian Idol. Her voice is not just energizing and well known in Bollywood now, it has also become a brand in itself.

Apart from Ghani Cool Chori, Bhoomi has also sung many other popular songs, including:  2013 – Ram Chahe Leela (Goliyon Ki Raasleela) picturized on Priyanka Chopra; 2017 – Udi Udi Jaye (Raees) picturized on Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan; Husn Parcham (Zero) picturized on Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. In 2019, she sang Vagyo Re Dhol (Hellaro), which won the national award last year.

Bhoomi’s latest song ‘Ghani Cool Chori’ (a Gujarati phrase that means Very Cool Girl ) has turned out to be one of the biggest musical hits of the year. Bhoomi’s energetic voice is the only one that fits the song, which is picturized on actress Taapsee Pannu in her upcoming sports movie, Rashmi Rocket. The film revolves around a village girl who aims to represent India at the world championship. Ghani Cool Chori’s music is a perfect fit for Navratri 2021.

Bhoomi thanks music director Amit Trivedi for thinking of her for the song

During the interview with Times Applaud on Ghani Cool Chori, Bhoomi thanked music director Amit Trivedi for choosing her voice for the song. Amit Trivedi is an Indian film music director, and lyricist. He is also a singer and debuted as a film composer in Aamir, a 2008 Hindi film. Amit was noticed for his highly lauded work in the Hindi film Dev.D (2009). The music of that film which got him the 2010 National Film Award for Best Music Direction and several other awards.

Bhoomi Trivedi says Amit Trivedi presented the song to the public in such a way that it seems they were waiting for it since years. 

She thanked music director Amit Trivedi, saying, “I am grateful to Amit Trivedi sir for giving me this song. He actually believed in my voice, and my potential. Who is not Amit sir’s fan. If you speak specifically about me, I have followed his songs and music a lot all these years.”

Speaking about how she got Ghani Cool Chori, Bhoomi explained, “As happens with any artist or singer to work with a certain musician and music director, I always wanted to work with Amit sir. It was my dream to work and sing for him. I had met Amit sir at several events and he definitely knew my voice, the songs that I have been doing, and everything about me. Amit sir also knew that I had a different kind of voice and wanted to give me the right opportunity to sing for him. But we weren’t being able to meet to work together so finally he gave me a call. When I came to know about Rashmi Rocket and the song, I was completely overwhelmed. And when I met Amit Sir, I found him so humble. The work pressure of being a renowned musician and living legend, was not seen on his face and he was very cool and calm. He then explained the song to me to such an extent that he took me into the character in it. He actually made me believe that I am that character and I am singing the song for myself. Amit sir’s Guiding me and giving me freedom at the same time. I was completely overwhelmed by the way Amit sir explained the song and it’s situation. It feels great now that I have worked for him for the first time.”

Bhoomi then told us what happened when she finally sung Ghani Cool Chori. 

She said, “When I sung for Amit sir, I was in the studio and when I first met him I spoke so much about his work and the way I have followed it. I told him I have been listening to and performing his songs in my shows. And finally I have worked for him for the first time and would like to thank him for giving me the wonderful opportunity.”

Bhoomi gives credit to team work for Ghani Cool Chori’s success

After all the success she has seen, Bhoomi remains humble. This can be seen when the singer gave credit to the entire team for the success Ghani Cool Chori has achieved. She says it was teamwork that has made the song a super hit. 

Kausar Munir has written Ghani Cool Chori and Bhoomi is all praises about the lyricist. 

She said, “I love the way she (Kausar Munir) writes and I have followed all her work. The way she writes reflects that she her different personality, signature and identity.” 

Bhoomi said, “The song is an ensemble of everything from its music, to the lyrics, to the way it was sung, the way it was picturized, and to the way Taapsee Pannu performed to it on screen. Taapsee Pannu is one of my favorite actresses and the song being picturized on her and the style statement she has given by getting dressed up in the Chaniya Choli is fabulous and very unique.”

Bhoomi said she thinks everyone involved has given 1000 per cent to Ghani Cool Chori. And she would like to give credit to all the people behind the song who have made it such a big hit. Bhoomi feels Ghani Cool Chori is another feather in her cap, among all the songs she has sung so far. 

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