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Bollywood Celebs Elevate International Luxury Brands: A Look at Top Collaborations

International luxury brands are signing top Bollywood actors and actresses to expand their reach and tap into new markets in India and abroad. The reason is that Indian A-listers like Deepika, Alia, Hrithik, and Priyanka have amassive fan base across continents and enjoy a high social media presence. These stars are ruling the global events. Be it the Cannes, Met Gala or Oscars, Bollywood Celebrities are always in the limelight and garner huge international media attention wherever they go.

Here is a list of Top Notable Collaborationsbetween Bollywood Stars and the best international luxury fashion brands-

Deepika Padukone & Louis Vuitton, Cartier– The Fashion Diva has collaborated with Louis Vuitton and become the first Indian actress to be signed by the prestigious French luxury brand house. She is also the brand ambassador for many several high-end brands includingCartier and Levi’s.

Priyanka Chopra & Bvlgari– The top Italian luxury brand, Bvlgari signed Priyanka Chopra Jones as their global brand ambassador. Viewed for both global appeal and reigning as an Indian icon, she brought a big impact on engagement and sales to this collaboration. Priyanka also promotes the fashion label Guess.

Alia Bhatt & Gucci: As soon as the Italian fashion brand known for their exclusive handbags, footwear, accessories, etc, signed the most influential young Bollywood actresses- Alia, the appeal of its product line saw a rising trend among the younger generation. Alia is known for her youthful and vibrant style; Alia has also worked with brands like Givenchy. 

Ranveer Singh & Tiffany & Co: His unique and eclectic fashion sense has made him a favourite for brands like American luxury jewellery brand, Tiffany & Co, Adidas and Calvin Klein, targeting a bold and adventurous consumer base.

Hrithik Roshan & Rado: The collaboration between Hirthik and Rado has fostered brand loyalty among his fans. The handsome actor has been the face of Rado, a Swiss luxury watch brand, for several years. 

To wrap up- These global brands saw a rising trend in footfall in their Indian Outlets, effective market penetration and enhanced visibility throughout the fashion landscape once they made Indian film stars the face of their luxury brands. International brands thus are continuously lapping up Bollywood Stars as they can evoke a sense of aspiration and desire among consumer with their star power.

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