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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

D-Nome secures $1.5M to grow in the synthetic biology field

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Synthetic biology startup D-Nome has secured funding of $1.5 million. The company is focused on building quick point-of-care diagnostics for human infectious illnesses and other applications using genomics and synthetic biology.

D-Nome, a startup in synthetic biology, has secured $1.5 million in seed investment from Ankur Capital, Campus Fund, and other investors. With the aiming of democratizing molecular diagnostics, D-Nome has developed its deviceless PCR technology.

Founded in July 2021 by scientists Divya Sriram and Sujoy Deb from Telangana’s Atal Incubation Centre-The Centre of Cellular and Molecular Biology, D-Nome’s goal is to develop quick  point-of-care diagnostics for human infectious illnesses and other applications utilizing genomics and synthetic biology.

The company’s objective is to address the gap intestingand allow customised therapy at scale, something that has not been accomplished owing to the absence of scalable and reliable diagnostic tools. D-Nome expects to have a substantial social and economic impact on underdeveloped countries, as well as pave the path for next-generation healthcare that is heavily reliant on genetics.

Currently, there are three main testing methods: routine culture, which takes time and requires infrastructure, rapid antigen/ antibody tests, which are faster but less accurate, and PCR/ Real time PCR (RT-PCR) tests, which are the gold standard for accuracy but are expensive and require skilled labor.

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