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Deepika Padukone flaunts her baby bump at Kalki 2898 AD sparking more trolling

Deepika Padukone unleashes yet another barrage of trolling as she shows off her baby bump at Kalki 2898 AD; could this be a new low?

Deepika Padukone should have seen her recent appearance at the Kalki 2898 AD event as an occasion to rejoice and commemorate personal milestones, but instead was met with criticism and ridicule from online trolls who made insensitive remarks, criticising her pregnancy unnecessarily and unnecessarily. We as a society have reached new depths.

Deepika Padukone at Kalki 2898 AD event was subjected to highly insensitive trolling. While some critics called her baby bump fake, others questioned why she wore heels during gestation. For the event in question she donned a form-fitting black bodycon dress and black heels; some viewers spoke positively of the glow of pregnancy but other remarks were very harsh and downright mean-spirited.

Before the event, Deepika shared some photos in which she could be seen laughing and holding onto her baby bump, captioned as: “Okay enough…Now I’m hungry”.

Deepika Padukone recently tied her pregnancy and Kalki 2898 AD role together when Rana Daggubati joked, as host, about whether or not Deepika was still acting out her character, then asked, joking, if she had become more of a method actor in portraying Sumathi from that sci-fi film. To remind everyone who doesn’t know, Deepika plays the pregnant character Sumathi in Kalki 2898 AD.

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