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Did Rohit Sharma take a dig on Jadeja? Here’s the truth

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During the Test series between India and Australia, Captain Rohit Sharma made a big deal about DRS.

The fourth match of India’s four-match Test series against Australia is being played at Ahmedabad. At the press conference preceding this match, Team India skipper Rohit Sharma mentioned a lot of things. During this time, he made a strong attack on Team India’s all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja. In fact, during the third Test match, Team India rapidly lost all of its reviews. When asked about it, Rohit stated unequivocally that Ravindra Jadeja is extremely interested throughout the match. They believe that the batter should be out on every ball.

Particularly Jaddu (Jadeja), according to Rohit. He believes every ball is out! I understand why he’s so passionate; it’s simply the excitement of the game, but that’s where I come in.” Okay, relax a little, it’s great if it ends up somewhere near the stump, but the ball wasn’t even striking the stump, and some balls even struck the leg stump. I was also pitching! So it was a stupid error, but we want to address it in this game, and we’ll have a short conversation about it as well, and maybe we can fix it in this game.

Rohit also mentioned that the pitch in Indore is particularly susceptible to DRS rulings. He stated that the ball was spinning a lot, especially in the last game, so we had to look at three things: the pitch in the line, the impact in the line, and how much the ball was twisting. We just had to concentrate about the impact of the ball and maybe the line where the ball pitched, whether it was outside leg or in line, when we played in Delhi since the ball was not spinning much.

Team India wicketkeeper KS Bharat, who made his debut in this series, also believes there is a lot of misunderstanding concerning DRS. Sure, we agree that we did not make the correct judgements in the last game, but Bharat is obviously new to DRS, according to Rohit Sharma. He has never held wicket for India, so DRS is a whole new experience for him. Ranji Trophy does not have DRS, therefore it is novel to them. We simply need to give them some space and explain what it is.

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