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Did Tejasswi Prakash break up because of a dance?

September 2022: All doesn’t seem to be well in the romantic life of our favourite TV Star Tejasswi Prakash. She took to Instagram recently posting a very cryptic story hinting a breakup is on the cards. The diva’s Instagram story was captioned: “I broke up because I danced.”

No sooner than her story went live, social media platforms were flooded about her speculated break-up and wondering how her dance has led to this breakup. 

This had netizens concerned nationwide, as supportive comments started pouring in for on twitter. 

Tejasswi then took to Instagram today to reveal ‘the break-up dance challenge’ via an innovative dance routine, curated by the popular lingerie expert Marks & Spencer, to increase awareness about the importance of wearing well-fitted bras. 

Check the Instagram video here. 

A large segment of women in the country wear ill-fitted bras and knowing that, the brand has curated this dance with customized lyrics in a foot-tapping rap song style to catch the pulse of the youthful nation as part of their annual #TimetoBreakUp campaign. The lyrics and the dance act as an interesting aid to help women identify their bra fit in the comfort of their home. 

Tejasswi Prakash talked about her partnership on her Instagram account “…the real concern is the ill-fitted bra that so many women wear, unknowingly, compromising their health. I am so proud to begin the break-up dance challenge with M&S that makes it super easy to identify the wrong fit!” 

She opened the challenge to all women and encouraged them to discover if it’s #TimeToBreakUp with ill-fit.

M&S has been a trusted lingerie brand for over 95 years now, loved by discerning consumers across India, Europe and the Middle East.

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