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Discover the Top 7 Most Difficult Countries to secure visa for

There are 195 countries on Earth, and many people dream of visiting all of them – but visa requirements often restrict travel. While certain nations offer more lenient policies regarding tourist visa applications than others do; several factors make visiting some nations nearly impossible: lengthy application processes in place, safety or political reasons which prevent tourist visa issuance as well as totalitarian regimes which restrict free travel preventing you from applying. If this has sparked your curiosity, discover the 7 most difficult countries to obtain a visa for Difficult Countries to secure visa.

Attaining a visa to visit Russia can be challenging due to its lengthy application form, which requests details on every trip in the past ten years such as destinations, dates and length of stay – this may prove daunting for frequent travellers, but by accurately filling out and providing all required information it’s still possible to secure one and secure access into this fascinating nation.

Securing a visa to Iran can be challenging due to its strict application processes, particularly since a verification code issued by Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs must first be obtained through an official travel agency. While the eVisa system has simplified this process somewhat, citizens from certain countries such as the US, UK, India, Nepal and Pakistan cannot receive their visa upon arrival if they have visited Israel within six months.

Turkmenistan, due to its stringent visa policy, remains one of the least visited countries. Virtually everyone requires a visa – except those from certain areas in Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan or who possess diplomatic passports – for entry. Applying for one involves submitting three copies of your completed form and procuring an LOI letter from the Turkmen State Migration Service; this process may take up to 20 days!

Chad: Non-Visa Entry For Nationals
Only 14 countries enjoy visa-free access to Chad; the remainder must apply for one, which can be quite difficult. One of the more difficult elements of applying for a visa in Chad is securing an invitation letter through either an organization in N’Djamena or through booking a non-refundable hotel room – otherwise, any payments would be lost if your application for visa approval fails.

Although securing a visa was once difficult, particularly for unaccompanied women, thanks to an eVisa for tourists it has now become easier. Still, tourists must abide by certain restrictions such as non-Muslims being banned from entering Mecca or Medina; additionally, this policy may also be affected by Muslim pilgrims participating in Hajj, restricting the number of tourist visas issued each year to prevent overcrowding of cities like Mecca or Medina.

North Korea
North korea can be one of the more challenging places for visitors. Visas must be obtained from state-approved tourist agencies, while American and South Korean citizens do not qualify. Tourists who do receive visas face restrictions: they cannot interact with locals, criticise North Korean leaders directly or roam freely after tours end.

Afghanistan can be challenging due to recent political tension. Most governments strongly advise their citizens against travelling there; visas are required for entry except for holders of diplomatic passports from countries such as India, Indonesia, Turkey, China Iran or Tajikistan who may be exempted.

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