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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Dr. Rahul Ghule launch One Rupee Clinic app to ensure medical treatment to all.

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“Health is the greatest wealth,” but at present, the most money is being spent in saving this wealth. More people are dying in a country like India due to a lack of health facilities and more expensive treatment. Despite starting many facilities for health, people are not getting access to it.

Keeping these problems in mind, Dr. Rahul Ghule has started such a scheme, which has made health care accessible and become affordable. People are getting to know about its price just by its name, and people are directly connecting with this “One Rupee Clinic.” Dr. Rahul Ghule has started one Rupee Clinic from Mumbai. Through this, he has tried to provide health facilities to the people in just one rupee. Along with this, Dr. Rahul said that if people are not able to pay even Re 1, they will provide them a free consultant facility. Also, to maintain transparency even after depositing one rupee, will send information about that deposit amount to the number of the person availing the facility.

Dr. Rahul Ghule said that after two years of continuous research, we have considered providing such a facility. We will be limited to providing healthcare, but we have also paid particular attention to the three essential dimensions of healthcare, diagnosis, pharmacy, and lab. We are establishing contacts with chemists in each area and connecting them with One Rupee Clinic. We urge all these chemists to provide us medicines at their lowest cost, which we can make available to everyone on an online application. Aim is to get quick home delivery of these medicines available at the lowest rates from nearby local pharmacy.

Dr. Rahul Ghule says that there has been an adverse effect on health after corona infection; even before this, I had heard about many incidents in which people lost their lives due to a lack of health facilities. Keeping this in mind, I have started linking Lab, Diagnosis, and Pharmacy related units in each region of the country with One Rupee Clinic. One rupee clinic is the only way to eliminate 27% of BPL families of the country who have to face costly medicines and unpaid hospital fees. Very soon we will reach every area of ​​the country with some more health facilities. At the same time, he urged every citizen to download the One Rupee Clinic App and avail of the health facility at the lowest rates.

For more information visit our site www.1rupeeclinic.com

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