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Interact club of Bharuch along with Rotary club of Bharuch organise an Event to bring awareness against Drug Addiction

“It’s easier to STAY OFF Drugs then to GET OFF Drugs.” With this quote, Interact Club of Bharuch with the help of Rotary Club of Bharuch performed a skit along with a dance performance on 9th October 2021 at Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan, Bharuch.

The main motto of this performance was to spread awareness against the addiction which is going on in today’s Youth in a very major proportion. Not only Adult but also teenagers are getting indulged into Alcoholic and Drug Activities which are leading them to a very unsuccessful future and a bad life. Interact Club of Bharuch also wanted to show that parents play a very vital role in a child’s addiction journey.

The act showed a differentiation between 2 lives. A boy and a girl, both getting addicted to drugs just for the sake of being falsely cool. In which, the boy’s parents understands his situation and send him to Rehab to save his future. Whereas, the girl’s parents blindly start beating her and as a result she runs away from her home and starts having more drugs and ruins her future.

Moral: When a parent understands a child’s situation and instead of beating them, they can try to make their life better. It is the best thing a parent could do for their child.


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