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Editorial Teams

Nitin Gohil

A Mumbai-based tech professional with a passion for writing about his field: through his columns and blogs, he loves exploring and sharing insights on the latest trends, innovations, and challenges in technology, designing and integrating marketing communication strategies, client management, and analytics. His favourite quote is, "Let's dive into the fascinating world of tech together."

Taushif Patel

He established media entrepreneur and writer have profound business and current affairs knowledge. He is also the Editor of Inspiring Leaders Magazine. He often shares his thought-provoking insights and tells compelling stories that intertwine the world of business, media, and the rapidly evolving landscape of global affairs. He firmly believes in the power of shared knowledge and the value of diverse perspectives.

Sunil Pandey

The business professional who loves penning down his thoughts/ insights on business, entrepreneurship, & startups. His ability to break down complex business concepts into easy & concise write-ups makes him a wonderful author. He believes that writing is a powerful tool for communication and education.

Gopa Bansal

She is a Kolkata-based freelance author passionate about travel, culture, current affairs, and education. She uses her writing to share captivating stories exploring the world and illuminating important issues—an author who is committed to amplifying the voices of women of today. With a background in management and as a parent of a special need child, she aims to provide insightful perspectives and engage readers in meaningful discussions.

News Desk

A dynamic media intelligence solution hub. A folder of downloadable information and insights, delivering the latest news, captivating stories, and in-depth analysis in the neatly organized media kit. This newsdesk dedicates specific spaces for inspirational individuals from all walks of life. Stay inspired with our magazine's dedicated news team, who do meticulous research, swift reporting, and carry a passion for uncovering stories that inspire.

Nitin Bhatnagar

I am an avid writer with a passion for writing on different topics related to Bollywood, Hollywood, sports, health, current affairs, viral stuff and news.