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Elevate Your Style! 5 must-have summer accessories for men

Beat the heat and elevate your summer look with these essential men’s accessories. From sunglasses and hats to bags, fragrances, and footwear, discover stylish and functional options for every occasion.

Now that summer has arrived, we can look forward to excursions in the warm sun, long days by the pool, and big road journeys. But remaining calm shouldn’t come before looking good, right? The finishing touches that may turn your summer ensemble from “basic” to “beach bum chic” (or whatever vibe you’re going for) are accessories.

1) Use Sunglasses to Shield Your Eyes

Let’s get the important stuff first. Although they certainly can, sunglasses aren’t merely for fashion. To protect your eyes from the damaging UV rays of the sun, they are essential. Do you recall the entire “wearing sunglasses indoors is a celebrity thing” meme? Get rid of that and shield those eyes! Look for sunblock that offers complete UV protection.

Although aviators are a timeless option that complement most face shapes, don’t be scared to try new things! Feeling more daring now? If you want to look a little more noticeable, try wayfarers. Square or rectangular frames can create a balanced appearance on round or oval features. Extra points for adding some personality with colorful lenses or mirrored finishes.

2) Stylish Hats to Stay Cool

Another summertime necessity is a hat. They offer both sun protection and cooling benefits to your head, along with a dash of elegance. For a classic look, straw fedoras and panama hats are ideal for evoking carefree beach sensations. For active days spent outside, baseball caps provide a sporty appearance. 

Consider wearing a newsboy cap or a trilby hat made of light linen for a retro look. Consider Ryan Reynolds from “The Proposal” combined with a June breeze.

3) Tote Bags to Travel Light

Your luggage should match the lighter, more streamlined style of summer clothing that you wear. Replace your heavy bags with something airy and lightweight. Popular options include canvas tote bags, which provide enough room for your beach supplies without adding extra weight. Furthermore, carrying them is a breeze thanks to the cozy canvas material (pun intended). For weekend trips, think about packing a leather weekender bag for a more put-together appearance. Consider it as your well-mannered traveling companion.

4) Fresh Scents for Summer Confidence

Let’s face it, the summer heat may bring out some less than ideal smells. Your little secret weapon for maintaining your confidence throughout the day might be a light, airy fragrance. Because citrus notes, such as those found in lemon or grapefruit, are known to be uplifting, they make ideal summertime fragrances. Imagine hiding away on a sweltering day in a field of delicious lemons. Fresh and refreshing aquatic scents that have notes of cucumber, melon, or ocean air can also be excellent choices. Recall that keeping things light is crucial. Steer clear of strong colognes or scents, as they can feel stuffy during the summer. Choose eau de parfum or eau de toilette for a softer, more summertime-appropriate aroma.

5) Comfy Footwear for All Your Adventures

Your summertime experiences might be made or broken by your choice of shoes. Replace your bulky winter footwear and boots with breathable alternatives that will keep your feet comfortable and cool. Boat shoes and loafers are chic options that add sophistication without compromising comfort for informal get-togethers. Imagine carefree summertime walks on the boardwalk or elegantly grabbing cocktails with friends. Sandals are an essential on beach days. Flip-flops can be replaced with comfortable and fashionable Espadrilles, thanks to their breathable fabric uppers and woven jute soles. Additionally, for active explorations, opt for sneakers with breathable mesh materials that promote ventilation and keep your feet from becoming mini saunas.

That’s it, dear! You’ll be ready to take on any journey and look and feel your best with these must-have summer accessories in your bag. So, why do you hesitate? Take advantage of the sunshine by grabbing your shades, hat, purse, favorite summer fragrance, and comfortable shoes and heading outside! 

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